How to watch webtoons online

I really like webtoons.

I used to see it as a comic book, but these days I see it as a webtoon.

You can watch comics online.

In particular, Korea has strengths in this area.

The service is good and there are many different genres.

There are so many works flooding in every day that it’s hard to know what to watch.

If you search on the Internet, you will find various sites where you can view webtoons.

Among them, there are some famous sites. 툰코

Some webtoons are currently being serialized and some have already been completed.

In my case, I focus on completed works. I want to see it quickly because I’m curious about the ending.

In the case of serial works, one episode is released every week, so you have to wait. I hate waiting.

That’s why I always watch the completed webtoon.

No matter how popular a work is, I wait and start watching it when it’s completed.

With the advent of webtoons, accessibility has improved considerably, so it is easier to read and enjoy.

As the public grows, the topics discussed also become more diverse.

At the same time, fans appear and more people see the webtoon.

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