How to calculate working days

I’ll teach you how to calculate work days!

First, calculating working days mainly involves figuring out how many days you have to work during a given period of time. For example, it’s really useful when planning a project period or vacation. Now let’s learn how to calculate it in earnest!

Set the period

First, set the start and end dates of the period you want to calculate. For example, let’s say it is from January 1, 2023 to January 31, 2023.

Excluding weekends

At most workplaces, Saturday and Sunday are holidays. So these two dates should be excluded from the working days. However, this can vary from workplace to workplace, so you’ll need to adjust it to suit your working environment!


Check public holidays

Public holidays in our country should also be excluded from the working days. There is New Year’s Day in January, so this day should also be excluded from the workdays, right?

Count the days

Now let’s count the days we actually work. You can look at the calendar and count the days one by one, excluding weekends and holidays.

Using a computer or app

If you find it difficult to do all of this yourself, try using an online workday calculator or related app. If you enter the start and end dates in the input field, the workdays are automatically calculated!

Simple, right? This way you can easily calculate your working days. Use this method when making your plans!

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